Diagnostics - Needs Identification

Exploratory Discussion

Preferred Results is a business improvement and turnaround company.

Defining the risk and getting at least a preliminary handle on the scope and the type of analysis required can usually be achieved within a 15-minute to 30-minute Free Exploratory Discussion. Arising from that initial discussion either ‘Next Steps’ will be agreed or a decision will be taken not to proceed any further on that occasion. Where Next Steps are decided upon, they will generally fall within one or other of the following services:

  • Focused Consultations
  • Process Walk Through/Talk Through
  • Partner Referral

Focused Consultations

Following an initial Exploratory Discussion, it may be necessary to dig deeper before deciding on a particular course of action. Or, one or more Focused Consultations may be sufficient in themselves to address specific issues.

Walk / Talk Through

In many cases involving a focus on process improvement, the quickest and easiest way to get a handle on the critical issues needing to be addressed, is to take a walk through the target process/processes especially where observable processes such as manufacturing, processing, constructions and so forth are involved. Such ‘Walk Throughs’ can be undertaken both In Person or Virtually based on Video.

Another option when reviewing processes, is to construct a process flow based on one or more interviews and to work step-by-step through the process with one or more people who are familiar with it.

Focused Consultations

In certain cases, an exploratory discussion may lead to the decision that one or other of the network of partners with whom PRL works spanning a broad range of services including but not limited to: Finance, Engineering, ERP Systems, Digital Transformation and other areas is a better fit for the Client. In such circumstances, PRL would facilitate a warm introduction to the appropriate Partner.