Business Support Services

Business Support Services

Preferred Results is a business improvement and turnaround company.

Our Back-up services enable companies to draw on the specialist resources they need when they need them, especially in non-core areas where access to the right people at the right time can make a significant difference to critical outcomes for the organisation.
The primary focus of the suite of services provided in this area is on Clients to which consultancy Services have already been provided and where there is a deep understanding of the organisation. This approach allows us to build on knowledge, insights and existing relationships with key managers in the business to the point where they PRL Team effectively become an extension to the Management Team.
In the delivery of our services we use a suite of collaborative clouded platforms which at the present time include:

  • Business Modelling
  • Skills & Competencies Management
  • Work Study
  • Risk Management & Compliance
  • Process Mining

Business Modelling

The business modelling Platform allows a Current State Business Model to be maintained as the business evolves over time, to that when changes need to be discussed the
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Skills & Competencies

Every organisation, whether it fully appreciates it or not, requires people who are adequately skilled and sufficiently competent to execute its Business Model. Even when organisations recognise the need, and even when they have the systems to do so, the day-to-day issues often take over from good intentions and the organisation learns to live with the status quo. In another scenario where capital investment is to be made in Software or Plant or some other change, the focus often centres on the Capital Investment Project itself and not on the new skills and competencies which will be required to get the most out of the investment. PRL can work with management to pre-empt the future skills and competencies which will be required by the organisation and get people ready.
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Work Study

In Manufacturing, Processing and other sectors where the resources employed and the completion time for repetitive tasks is of critical importance, Work Studies can be essential to focusing on Value Waste and Flow. However, companies may not have the resources or the time or perhaps even the culture to undertake such studies themselves.
Such companies can send us the video of what it is it wishes to study and let us know what outputs you are looking for from a wide range of options. We will then process the video for you and prepare the analysis and reports which you have chosen. You may just want to upload a Report and get an analysis which you might wish to share on you may wish to bring PRL in on the call, or you may decide to go it alone.
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Risk Management & Compliance

Risk Management & Compliance are responsibilities are becoming increasingly important within an organisation and the penalties for failure in these areas can be very severe, both on a personal basis for the Directors as well as for the organisation. Having, 24 x 7
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Process Mining

The Process Mining software installed in your business enables Business Models to Go Live! It provides Big Data analysis to produce insights and information about processes across diverse software.
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Scenario 1

For example, an Operations Manager is not happy with the configuration of a Manufacturing Cell or a Production Line but none of his/her reports. Does s(he)

Very often on change projects a lot of knowledge and insight is captured which is lost when the project has been completed.