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Covers the following areas: Business Model Analysis, Strategy & Implementation


Getting help early can make the difference between the survival or closure of a business.

Business Support Services

Enables companies to draw on our specialist resources when they need them,

IBR’s & Business Plans

Hands-on experience to offer concerned Lenders through IBR’s with a difference

Non-Exec Director

We are well placed to monitor executive activity and contribute to the development of strategy


We construct & deliver tailor-made courses in: Lean Six Sigma, Strategy & Management development.


Preferred Results is a business improvement and turnaround company.

We work with you to:

Identify the Challenge – Design the Solution – Implement the Change

Faced with any risk, whether it involves an Opportunity or a Threat, the first step towards a measured response is to define the risk and assess it using at least some level of analysis. Adequately done, one should then be in a position to formulate a clear diagnosis of the situation. In order to move forward from the diagnosis, one requires a prognosis as to what the diagnosis means for the likely future outcomes. If the prognosis is negative, a gap appears between it and one’s objectives, so options are required to close the gap. If satisfactory options cannot be identified, one’s objectives may need to be revised. 

Where the magnitude of the gap between one’s objectives and the prognosis is deemed to be unacceptable, it may trigger a return to an analysis stage, where further investigation and research is undertaken to come up with improved options. When a final set of options are generated and evaluation between them is undertaken, a choice is made and a Plan is devised. Unless further unforeseen circumstances intervene, one sticks to the plan until implementation is completed. 

We work with SME’s who feel they need support with addressing particular risks because they lack the expertise and/or experience and/or the resources to address risk within the desired timeframe. PRL will undertake as little or as much of the work involved with a project depending on the requirements of the Client and the Value which it believes it can add.