Preferred Results Clients

Preferred Results Clients

Preferred Results is a business improvement and turnaround company.

Over the course of 25 years we have worked for a very diverse range of mostly medium and large Clients in both the Public and Private Sector, in 15 countries, in areas such as Manufacturing, Food & Drinks, Construction, Utilities, Logistics, Mining, Health, Forestry and Insurance.
Due to the implications of geographic location and the need for local market knowledge, we divide our Client base into three groups:

Republic of Ireland

  • Indigenous Companies
  • Exporting Companies
  • Banks & Investors
  • Accountants & Insolvency Practitioners

UK Clients

  • Indigenous Companies
  • Exporting Companies

International Clients

  • Multinational Companies
  • International Investors
  • Foreign Governments

Indigenous Companies

While multiple locations may be involved, Indigenous Companies operate exclusively within the Republic of Ireland. Such companies are not eligible for Enterprise Ireland funding for performance improvement projects which means that the design and the timing of assignments are entirely up to the Client and Preferred Results Ltd. to agree.
Our typical Client is an SME, many of them family owned and family run, with complex networks and relationships: internally, with Customers, with Suppliers, and with the community within which they are embedded. With the experience of having run such companies, as well as having provided a range of Consultancy Services to them, we are well capable of designing and implementing successful projects within this segment.

Exporting Companies

Export Customers from the Republic of Ireland are generally Enterprise Ireland Clients and in-so-far as projects are to be part-funded by Enterprise Ireland, they must satisfy all of the terms and conditions relating to the funding provided. Therefore, in the case of Export Customers there are typically three parties involved in determining the structure and timing of projects: The Client, Enterprise Ireland and Preferred Results Ltd.
Our Clients include both SME’s and large companies, with a mixture of both family-owned and non-family owned businesses. Irrespective of ownership, the majority of companies in this sector are outward looking and receptive to change. Very often a culture of team-work is present, decision-making is delegated, and there is a desire to learn about new concepts and ideas. In designing and delivering projects to this segment of the market, we are careful to build in opportunities for growth and development across the organisation thereby laying the foundations for active support for the successful delivery of projects.

Banks & Investors

Banks and investors do not come to us for financial expertise, but rather, they come to us because they trust in us to identify, quantify, and cost; risks and opportunities within businesses from any sector, while operating to tight deadlines. We provide concise and precise answers to fundamental questions such as:

  • Could the business be turned around and what would it take?
  • Is the business model sustainable and/or could it be improved/made to be sustainable?
  • What are the main sources of Waste in the Business, how can they be eliminated/reduced, how long would it take and how much would it cost?
  • Are stock levels accurate and/or could stock levels be reduced?
  • What is the state of the Debtors Ledger and how much of the debt is likely to be collectable?
  • Are Information & Communication Systems fit for purpose?
  • Is the design of the Organisation Structure adequate and/or is the Management Team capable of doing the job required of it?

The process is generally highly interactive with Preferred Results Ltd. presenting and generating reports in line with the specific requirements of the individual Banks and Investors.

Accountants & Insolvency Practitioners

To date, our work with Accountants and Insolvency Practitioners has involved us working as sub-contractors to the practices in question on an assignment-by-assignment basis. The requirement for our services generally arises where an additional level of operational and strategic expertise to that normally provided by the Practice is necessary to meet the needs of a specific Client. For example, we have undertaken assignments in the areas of: Food Processing, Manufacturing and Quarrying.

Indigenous & Exporting Companies

Our proximity to the UK allows us to provide Bespoke Consultancy Services, from a limited review of a business to full-blown transformational change projects, in any part of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. Over the years we have conducted assignments ranging from 3 weeks to 18 months and have worked in a wide variety of industries including: Bakeries, Agri Chemicals, Logistics, Regional Water Authority, and Passenger Transport among others.

Multinational Clients

The majority of the assignments which we have undertaken over the course of the past 25 years have been for Clients outside of the Republic of Ireland; a significant number of them with Multinationals in the Developing World.
Much of our work in this area has been with well-established operations where innovation and performance improvement have slowed to an unacceptable level, or where significant short-term changes are required in response to an economic downturn and/or disruptive changes in the environment of the business. In either case what is required is out-of-the-box thinking which can best be provided by experienced and fresh eyes.
The assignments tend to be brief and are aimed at generating high-impact options with implementation plans agreed with the teams who will be responsible for the subsequent projects.

International Investors

While we have undertaken a limited number of pre-acquisition assignments in this area, most of our work has involved the provision of consultancy services in the aftermath of an acquisition. While there is invariably a clear investment plan and an overall strategy in place, there is often a gap when it comes to the restructuring and tightening-up of the business post acquisition. That is where we can add value.
When an investor makes an acquisition in a developing world country there is not always the necessary level of knowledge of the market, or confidence in the capabilities of local service providers to proceed with the appointment of Consultants to assist with the task of consolidating its investment. That is where we come in.
Both of the Directors of Preferred Results Ltd. as well as many of our associates have lived and worked successfully in Developing World countries for many years. Our experience of dealing with a diversity of cultures and of working with the conditions on the ground as we find them, allows us to connect quickly with local stakeholders and get on with the job we were hired to do.

Foreign Governments

Over the course of his career Raymond O’Hanlon has carried out assignments for a number of foreign governments including Chile, India, and the former Yugoslavia; for the Departments of Energy, Defence and Transport. He also spent 3 years as a Projects Manager with the Fundación Chile, a not-for-profit corporation owned by the Chilean Government and mining giant BHP Billiton, which carries out high-impact projects to promote the economic development of the country.
This experience is complemented by the experience gained by Alisha O’Hanlon who worked as Commercial Attaché at the Canadian Embassy in Santiago Chile, covering the portfolios of Agriculture, Defence, …..
Based on our experience we are in a position to offer our services to governments in developing world countries to improve the performance of specific industries or sectors and/or to improve the structuring, organisation and performance of government departments and/or public institutions.