How We Work - Our Special Approach

Preferred Results is a business improvement and turnaround company.

Lean Philosophy

The purpose of our business is to deliver sustainable stepped improvements to the bottom line. We do this by identifying the points in a business where Value is created and thereafter work with relevant stakeholders to configure resources in a manner which focusses the whole of the business on maximising Value Creation. The end result is that Flows throughout the business are optimised and Waste in all of its forms is minimised.
By driving Value Creation up while driving Waste down, stepped improvements drop to the bottom line.
In order for results to be sustainable, individual business lines must be at least capable of making a contribution to overheads and when taken as a whole, the sum total of the business lines must deliver a profit. Where these conditions are not met, strategic choices are required, which is when we engage at a strategic level with our clients to examine the overall Business Model and to decide on which lines of business to build, to hold, or to exit. In turn, within each business line, we evaluate the product mix and the contribution margin by product so that the business can focus on introducing, building and holding those products/services which increase the value created by the business.

While we provide a wide range of services to Clients, all of them are based upon our core principles:

  • Get the Business Model right
  • Configure the Value Chain in line with the Business Model
  • Increase flow and eliminate waste

In delivering on our assignments, we apply tried and tested Models, Tools, and Concepts; we take a hands on approach, and we add in our special ingredient, which is our extensive problem-solving experience accumulated over many years, in many industries, in many countries, as both consultants and as Managers.
From scoping-out to analysis, to implementation, we work with the pertinent stakeholders throughout all levels of an organisation from Operators right up to Board level. We also regularly work with other stakeholders and influencers such as Banks, Enterprise Boards, Auditors and Unions; and with any other entities which are important to the delivery of successful outcomes for our Clients. Our Bespoke Consultancy Services are designed with our Clients to meet their specific needs, which vary from World Class Multinationals seeking to improve specific processes such as Product Changeovers, to medium-sized Family Businesses seeking a comprehensive overhaul of their enterprise.

The typical stages and durations involved in the process are as follows:

  • Diagnostics
    – Free Consultation (1 – 4 hours)
    – Rapid Review (1-2 Days)
    – Preliminary Survey (1 -3 Weeks)
  • Implementation Projects (3 to 6 months)

We take a phased approach so as to allow our Clients to become comfortable with the approach and results obtained before committing to a full-scale implementation project.