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“We are a household name in this country with strong Customer Loyalty. We have great designs, great locations and an excellent price/quality ratio. We also invest heavily in advertising. We seem to be doing everything right in order to get the Customers into our chain of over 60Stores. The problem is that once we get them there, we lose them again, as we don’t attend to them properly. We have struggled for years to improve our level of Customer service, but with only very limited success”.

Overview of Changes

Permanent counters were placed on each door of each store to record the number of Customers entering the establishment. Comparing ‘Arrival Data’ over a ‘Baseline Period’ with Till Reports, resulted in three store types to be defined: ‘Mall Stores’ where an average of 2.5% of entrants purchased, ‘High Street Stores’ where an average of 12% of entrants purchased, and ‘Destination Stores’ where an average of 16% of entrants purchased.

Detailed observations were conducted in each store of Customer Interactions and Outcomes with Sales personnel, in order to objectively assess the sales approaches which worked best for the 3 Store Types. Having reviewed the results at a store level, 12 recognized top-performing sales staff were brought together to review the results in greater detail and to agree a list of ‘Typical Situations’ which arise between Customers and Staff and how best to deal with them. The situations and solutions selected by the Team were converted into scripts, when were then used by popular National Actors in the production of a comprehensive sales training video for the Group.

Sales training of all Sales Staff at each of the stores, supported by Customer Arrival Data and Till Reports, led to a significant and measurable improvement in Customer Service and Sales across the whole of the Group. By the end of the project, ‘Conversion Rates’ had moved up to 3% for ‘Mall Stores’, to 16% for ‘High Street’ Stores and to 21% for ‘Destination Stores’. While recognizing that it is impossible to objectively separate the impact of improved customer service from improved designs, the project was judged by the Client to have delivered in the region of €6M in annualized improvements.






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