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logo longford county enterprise board“After an initial meeting to help get an understanding of our service offering, Preferred Results produced a very focused and professional survey document that zoned in on the critical areas we wanted to address.

It was clear from the content of the Report, that not only had Preferred Results obtained additional insights while talking to clients during the clients survey, but had also applied years of professional experience to conduct a solid analysis of the data collected in order to identify and recommend specific areas of Performance Improvement Opportunities.

Conducting a Client Satisfaction Survey was a very useful exercise for us because it helped to reaffirm what we were doing well and highlight a couple of areas where we need to tighten up on our management of client relationships.

For an organisation, private or public, looking at client retention as an issue, I believe that this type of exercise could prove invaluable in getting an in-depth analysis on client’s perceptions”.

Mr. Michael Nevin, CEO Longford County Enterprise Board

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