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lakeland logo“Following the acquisition of a Milk Powder Plant in Omagh, Northern Ireland from Nestle, consultancy services were contracted in order to provide an objective outsider view of performance improvement opportunities available within the business.

Working closely with the Plant Management Team, six project proposals for improved performance were prepared. These proposals were aimed at Reducing losses of raw milk; Reducing losses of Milk Powder; Reducing the Number of Milk Tankers, Increasing Throughput; Improving Manpower Utilisation; Improving Energy Efficiency; and Improving Effluent Management. A new organisational structure was also required.

During the survey, the consultant Raymond O?Hanlon, spent a large portion of his time on the floor, observing and discussing the operation with both, Operators and Management. This approach ensured that the recommendations arising out of the Survey were both practical and objective, and had the backing of the local Management Team.

The principle benefit derived from having used the Consultancy services was that it allowed us to quickly develop and prioritise a blueprint for change with significant bottom-line improvements.

At the time of writing, some eighteen months have elapsed since the completion of the Survey, the new organisation structure has been completely installed and significant savings have been derived from the project areas mentioned above."

Mr. Michael Hanley, CEO Lakeland Dairies

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