Irish Sugar (Four Projects)

Irish Sugard Board - Siucra“The projects, which were carried out by Management Consultant, Mr. Raymond O’Hanlon, covered the following areas of:

  1. Production (Involving operations at Carlow, Mallow and Thurles
  2. Agribusiness
  3. The Administration Areas of the Company
  4. The Organisation Structure of the Company

Without exception, I consider each of these projects to have been highly worthwhile, having delivered measurable bottom-line performance improvements, several times greater than the cost of the consultancy services provided. One of the great strengths of the Consultant is his capacity to quickly identify significant performance improvement opportunities, irrespective of the business area involved. In each case, the opportunities which were highlighted, were backed by a very detailed and robust analysis, capable of standing up to critical appraisal. The fact that the assignments were delivered within the agreed timeframe and in accordance with the proposed budgets is largely to do with the Consultant’s willingness to do whatever it takes to deliver on commitments made”.

Dr. Sean Brady, Managing Director

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