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flag canada“Alisha helped me develop a strategic plan for the trade promotion programme of the Government of Canada in Chile and worked on the preparation of her own business plan which includes trade policy and promotion activities in the following sectors: transportation systems and equipment, consumer goods, agricultural and agricultural commodities, food products and services, fisheries and sea products and tourism.

Mrs. O’Hanlon impressed me by her strong analytical capabilities and by her no non-sense approach to issues and challenges of her job. I relied on her solid judgment and on her advice on a wide range of issues and on her knowledge of the Chilean market place.”

Louis Boisvert, Commercial Counsellor, Canadian Embassy, Santiago, Chile.

“As Trade Commissioner, Ms O’Hanlon was responsible to promote Canadian Goods and Services in specific sectors in Chile including assisting the Canadian business community, providing contacts, market intelligence, knowledge of the industry and identifying business opportunities.”

Ms Margot Edwards, Trade Commissioner, Canadian Embassy, Santiago, Chile.

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